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  • Glorya Talipova
    Addamant developers are professionals and can build complex online platforms. They were a perfect match for our projects and worked on them responsibly. Despite different timezones, they resolved all our issues at any time. You can always expect them to advise on how to improve your website. If you want to develop an online store, I recommend asking these guys a quote!
  • Grechuhin Denis
    During our work with Addamant, we have created 3 more websites that are regularly supported and updated with information. It’s nice to work with the guys they quickly respond to our wishes and always offer options to achieve our goals always give advice. I recommend Addamant team they are experts in their field.
  • Mikhail Nigorodov
    Quality, efficiency, attention to our needs - this is what we have got when working with Addamant team. Very creative designer and quick managers. We recommend this team of specialists to everyone, they helped us not only with the site, but also with marketing.
  • Nikolay Andrianov
    Addamant developed the best online store for me, like top world brands. Support is always online and they solve any issues with the website fast.
  • Addamant are cool guys, I have been working with them for several years. We always understand each other and it's simple to make changes in the process of work. All my answers were quickly resolved!
  • Olga Milenina
    I liked working with the company. I ordered an online store from them, and now we are on technical support. Responsible and competent specialists who quickly solve all problems. I would like to express my gratitude! I was not mistaken with the choice!
  • Hassan Amir. Egypt
    All the team is friendly, perfect work delivery on this project and I enjoyed working with them. The
    communication was superior and they always make everything clear and understandable before
    proceeding with work, The team is really high skilled and met all deadlines, i did work with many
    freelancers before but this team have more value than any other did before, they are able to deliver
    any additional works i provided during the project and transfer my ideas into actionable items. Thanks
    again and definitely a good team for any one looking for an effective cutting edge agency.
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